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Design Support
Bespoke Support
Technical Support


Our team of experts has the creative capabilities to meet and exceed our clients’ interior aspirations. With our detailed knowledge of building materials, we provide comprehensive consultation and apply trend analysis and aesthetic design support to each project.

Our design service addresses individual design pain points with design solutions that embody value engineering – the idea that good design can mean saving money and time. Our experts assess your initial concept, budget and vision to evolve the design in terms of cost, appearance and atmosphere.

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Customers can select from pre-curated package of products for a guaranteed cohesive design

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Customers can take a hands-on approach by selecting from our wide-range of products for a customised package

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Spatial Analysis
We assess the current structural, geographical and cultural elements of your project, then recommend the most efficient interior design materials and configuration

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Knowing the feasibility and technological constraints of ideas through project consultation, we can help push the boundaries of design to meet specifications

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Project Consultation
Meeting with our experts, we advise the best materials, designs and production techniques to materialise your ideas into detailed plans


After receiving an enquiry, BLD combines each project's specificity with industry trends and configures suggestions based on the alignment of each unique and contemporary design.


With in-depth technical know-how gained from over 30 years of experiences working in the building material industry, we provide expert technical support for each project. We offer a range of support services including shop drawings, site follow-up and technical support.

Taking a closer look at common technical shortcomings in the industry, we add value and save costs by proactively assessing the soundness of a plan - amplifying strengths and fortifying weaknesses.

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Customers can leverage our detailed technical knowledge of each material, unique services and the production process

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Taking into account each project and building type, we recommend materials that will complement spaces aesthetically and functionally

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Material Technical Support
Providing a range of technical support and information for each product, we take into account installation, design feasibility, maintenance, strength and durability

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Material Recommendation
We provide a range of material recommendation services such as aesthetics-driven trend analysis, new product introduction, special product grade recommendation and application suitability assessment

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Shop Drawings
With an experienced team of professionals, we take the burden of creating complex technical drawings to allow you the time to focus on design

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